12 June 2007

Annie Mae Jones' Old-Fashioned Fried Chicken

Title: Annie Mae Jones' Old-Fashioned Fried ChickenYield: 8Ingredients:
2 Chickens,small* 1 1/2 cups Flour 1 teaspoon Salt 1/4 teaspoons Mustard,dry 1/4 teaspoons Pepper 2 cups Lard 2 tablespoons Butter 1 tablespoon Flour 3/4 cups Chicken stock 1/4 cups Light cream Salt Pepper
* - cut each into 8 pieces, backbone removed (save liver and gizzard foranother use).1. Wash each piece of chicken under cold running water. Pat dry with papertoweling.2. Place flour, salt, mustard, and pepper in a large paper bag. Twistclosed and shake to blend ingredients. Drop the chicken pieces into the baga few at a time and shake the bag vigorously until each piece is thoroughlycoated. Remove the chicken pieces from the bag and shake off excess flour -there will be plenty of it. Then lay them side by side on waxed paper andplace them near the stove so that you can get to them easily when you startfrying.3. Preheat oven to warm and in it place a large baking dish lined withpaper toweling.4. Heat the lard in a heavy 10-12" skillet. The fat should fill the pan toa depth of about 2 inches. Add more lard if necessary.5. Place over moderate heat and when the fat is hot but not smoking, beginfrying chicken. Put in the thigh and legs first and cover the pan at once.Let the chicken fry over moderate heat, lifting the cover occasionally tocheck the process, and when deep brown turn - with a wooden spoon, so youdon't pierce the skin. Cover and brown the other side. As each piece iscooked, remove it, place it in the warm oven, and put an uncooked piece inits place.6. Cook all of the chicken in the same way. Just remember that the whitemeat will take a little less time to cook than the dark pieces.7. Leave the chicken in the oven while preparing the gravy.*** CHICKEN GRAVY ***1. Pour the frying fat from the pan, replace it with the butter, melt, thenstir in the flour. When bubbly, stir in the stock and cream, and cook untilsauce thickens. Season with salt and pepper.2. Serve the sauce separately to spoon over the chicken pieces at thetable.

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