22 March 2012

Chicken Yumminess!

This is the recipe for my Chicken things ...LOL
You can play with this any way you like and add or take away to your liking and taste.
What I use for the standard recipe:
2 packs 12 inch tortilla shells
1 whole chicken ( or if you would rather just use 6 boneless chicken breasts)
2 cans each cream of chicken soup, mushroom soup.
1 can cream of cheddar soup.
1 bunch of scallions (chopped).
1 bag shreaded Mexican blend cheese.

Ok now what ya do with this..
Boil the chicken and save about 1 cup of the broth. A boullion cube can be added for even more chickeny flavor.
After the broth is removed from the chicken add about 2/3 cup to the soups and the chopped scallions and let simmer while you dice up the chicken. (Chicken can be diced, chopped, stringed, bent, broken, spindled or just plain mutalated)
Add the chicken to the mix and stir frequently so it doesn't stick, as the mixture is sorta thick.
After you feel the flavors have blended nicely, remove from the burner and spoon out onto tortilla shells wrapping each up individualy and placing them on a none greased baking pan (pizza pan or cookie sheet). About two or three heaping table spoon fulls pre roll up.
Continue until all the mix is gone or you run out of shells. Remaining mix can be spread on top of roll ups. Now sprinkle the shreaded cheese over the top of filled tortilla shells and back at 375 degrees until cheese on top has melted nicely.
Serve alone or with what ever your heart desires.
The number of yield depends on how full you make them. But trust me if you have kids or people who like good food there are never enough.
You can add chopped bell peppers, spices, mushrooms, broccoli. You can stretch it with chicken flavored rice added to the mix.
You can use canned chicken for a smaller batch. Let me know what you think of this and what else you may have done to change it.

I swiped this from Tailyanker who swiped it from Rocker