05 June 2012

Another day!

Todays plans, I need to rearrange the living room, its a disaster.  No room to get a wheelchair, or ever letting a person walk through.  Its not messy, just so cluttered with furniture, can't move, and of course they have to have every little thing in here.
I got a blood pressure cuff a few days ago, haven't used it yet, everyone has been going to doctors the last few days (Martin has one this afternoon)  So I am just letting the doctors and nurses do that right now.  I had one years ago, but it got lost in a move.  I just want to make sure everyone is taken care of.
The next thing I need to get is a bathroom scales.
I cleaned out one of my desk drawer boxes (that go on top of a desk or cabinet) just a tiny thing with three drawers and a lift top, nice for inkpens and odds and ends)  I have in it the glucose monitor, and stuff like that.
Well, have too much to do today, so gotta get off here and get to work!!
We are having pork chops and potato salad, and fruit salad with sugar free whipped topping for dessert.
Mo's blood sugar was 357 this morning, I think its just even natural sugar of fruit, she behaved herself yesterday!! Ugh, even the things that are healthy are messing her up, bummers, I feel so bad for her.

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