01 June 2012

You Have GOT To Be Kidding me!

So today was supposed to be a good day, and honestly it was.  I slept (and apparently so did everyone else) til ten, when I got up, Mo had been up for a few minutes, and had egg salad for breakfast (hey works for me!)  I got everyone their meds, etc, and breakfast.  The day went pretty well, I got quite a bit of laundry done, and walked over to Kmart to get stuff for chili.  Its 60 degrees and overcast and a bit on the chilly side.  Then about 430 Tree calls and tells me the van at the shop is ready (Yippie!!).  Its only a few blocks away, so I walk my happy but over there, and they wont accept checks.  URGH! The bank has been giving me a hassle about sending a check/debit card. They say they order it, I wait the few days, it never shows up, I go over to the bank and ask them what is up, and they say it was never ordered, ARGH!! So now I have to wait til tomorrow, get a ride to the bank, get more money out, and THEN finally go get the van.
So I walk back home, and unfortunately I end up jumping all over Mo, because I have caught her eating, even tho basically supper is ready, I just need to finish the cornbread to go with the chili.
Mo is in complete denial of her diabetes, she says she isn't, but she says she refuses to accept that she has it.  Well, Dears that is denial!!
I have had two doctors tell her that she is eating herself to death, she tells me I am crazy, the doctors never said it.  I honestly give up, I can't force her to do anything.  She is an adult, she has her complete faculties, and she is her own power of attorney.  So I can only do my best, not bring anything "bad" into the house, and encourage her to eat the right foods. 
But it is a good day, the chili is good, its been a cool day, the heat had been so unbearable, this was a nice end to the week. 
Next week is going to be fun, three doctors appointments in three days!  I will be chasing my tail, lol.

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