09 July 2012

Cooler today

Weather has been good, at least cooler than it was all last week.  It was about 88-90, considering it was between 100-110 all last week, yep, 90 is a very good temp.
Mo had her second to last PT appointment today, they are really pleased with her.  She is walking well, she always has walked, but some days has a "drunk" day, lol.  She is alot more stable, she is sleeping, and taking naps a little less, and she is doing her exercises on her own, in between sessions.
Martin, not so well.  But I need to start doing some PT with him on our own.  Even if all I do is make him stand and sit down 5 times in a row.  This would at least unkink his body.

Okay, supper tonight: with Mo having to do both diabetic, and low sodium, some days its a bit of hunt, today is pretty easy.

Chili and cornbread (yeah, its hot, but some days it STILL sounds good!!)

Here is the recipes:
red onion
onion herb Mrs Dash

saute all together, drain the grease off, pour into stew/soup pot.

1 packet of La Preferida chili seasoning, it has no sodium at all (I found this at Sav-A-Lot)
about 1 1/2 Cups Red Gold no salt added tomato juice (I found this at Sav-A-Lot)
1 can Trader Joe's diced tomatoes no salt added
2 cans chili beans (I completely drained, and rinsed them)
1 can of water (I used the diced tomato can)
and I think I added a bit more water to it to level the liquid just above the ingredients

add all this to the meat mixture, and boil for awhile, then turn down to simmer for about an hour.

that is the recipe, I eliminated the salt in the recipe.

Mo is on a low sodium diet, with the hope of being around 2,000 mgs of sodium per day, this I got from another site: the minimum sodium requirement is about 1,500 milligrams (mg) of sodium each day. This is less than 1 teaspoon of table salt.  So Mo is allowed 2,000 mgs, and yet 1,500 mgs is less than 1tsp! When she asked me the other day, how MUCH is 2,000mgs, and I told her around about 1 tsp, she moaned and groaned and rolled her eyes.  And you know what, I agree with her, that is absolutely ridiculous!!  How is it something that is natural in our own bodies, in natural foods, and other things, so bad for us, it isnt fair, but its a fact of life, and we have to deal with it.

Happy eating everyone!!

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