30 July 2012

Picky Eaters Will Be the Death of Me

I am so over this picky eater thing!
Eat what you are handed, or go hungry!
So Sunday evening, I lost track of time and didnt realize it was after 5pm, and normally I start working on supper around 4 to 4:30.  So Tree said "got an offer you can't refuse, I will pay for Mickey D's if you pick it up." He was right, I couldn't refuse, lol.
So I get everyone's order and I head over there.  I look down at the paper.
Martin wants two cheeseburgers, pickle, onion only, no bun
Mo wants a Big Mac, no salt, and fries no salt
Tree wants a Big Mac, no lettuce no sauce, and fries no salt

GOOD GRIEF, are you kidding me??
I don't mind them being that picky, in that really Mo honestly with her diabetes AND her low sodium diet, most likely shouldn't have had the Big Mac.  My thing is, putting these poor workers to work, on such a feat, lol.  Why are you so picky?  If you are that picky of an eater, don't go out to eat, cook it yourself (or since you have someone who does it for you).  That way you know what you are eating, you know what you are getting.
But you have to realize, I have always been a shy, quiet reserved person.  I do not like attention on me, even when I am picky about something, I rarely, if ever, ask for concessions.
I do not like ketchup that much, so I prefer my burgers to not have it, but I never ask for it, simply because I don't want to bring attention to myself, nor put anyone out.
And I was also taught, growing up, eat what you are given, be gracious.  If you don't like it, comment that you aren't that hungry, or something to that effect.  Never be rude.
Tree has a bad habit when I am making something he doesn't like, of saying "EWWWW, why are you doing that? That's gross, you eat weird foods."  First of all, do not say this in front of your grandchildren, especially the young ones, they will copy you.  And second of all, I would never say that about something you like, (bologna sandwiches, ewwwwww).
But I guess this is just a pet peeve of mine.  Fine, I don't care if you do not like it, that is your choice, that is why I am making THIS over HERE, for you.  But you do not need to be rude about it either!
Picky eaters, why must you vex me?
I rarely say this, but my ex husband spoiled me!  We were only together a little over five years, but he made cooking, and food easy.  The boy was a foodie like me.  He nearly ate anything and everything, and could even cook himself, lol.  Like I said, he spoiled me, I really can't remember anything he didn't like.  Yes there were a few "whoops" recipes I made, that usually we both decided that that wasn't going to happen again, lol.
I believe my worst experiment, that actually wasn't an experiment, but just a mistake, was the spaghetti incident.
He loved my spaghetti and meatballs.  Meatballs the size of, well larger than a golf ball, smaller than a baseball, lol, homemade sauce, (or gravy as some call it).  I had a jar of pearl onions, so I decided to add it.  And boy was THAT a mistake, what I had failed to realize was that the pearl onions were pickled.  Ick, yuck! NO NO NO, a whole pot of meatballs and sauce completely ruined, woe is me!!
See, we all goof up and make our mistakes, and yes, we can be picky.....but I would rather be killed with kindness, rather than pickyness!

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