10 July 2012

We can eat normal!

Today Mo had a heart healthy clinic appointment.  Basically what this is, is we go about once a week for different types of education classes.  Nutrition, pharmacy/medications, signs of heart failure, things like that.  Today was talking to the pharmacist, no biggie, talked about the different meds she is on, and how they can effect her, and what OTC meds they dont want her taking (Ibuprofen, Naproxin, Decongestents, etc) because they could either raise her blood pressure, blood sugar, or work against a med she is already taking, or mess up her kidneys.

Tonights supper was spaghetti and broccoli.

Spaghetti with meat sauce:
Dreamfields spaghetti 
Italian seasoning
spaghetti sauce (I got this at Trader Joe's it has the name Trader Giotta's, and it was low sodium, 35 mgs per half cup)
onion powder
garlic powder
1 Italian sausage link (Johnsville, I believe, it has 800 mgs PER LINK, but because I ground it up, and so yes, it was high in sodium, but at least it was all mixed in with everything else)

I sauteed the garlic, onion, and seasonings and powders together for a few minutes til the onion became translucent.  Then added the hamburger, and sausage link.  Ground and cooked it all up, then added the jar of sauce.

Boiled the Dreamfields noodles up, (no salt!) and added it to the meat sauce, let it simmer for awhile.

Head of broccoli
chopped onion
braggs amino
lemon juice

I boiled up the broccoli, with the chopped onion and water, then stirred in about a tbs of mayo, tsp of braggs, tsp of lemon juice, and a tsp or two of tarragon.  Mo really liked this one, she didnt share ANY of her supper with the dogs tonight, lol.

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