08 July 2012


Okay, sorry, had ALOT going on in the past month, and just everything hit a head.  But its all calm again, and on we go!

Mo and Tree are going to Ohio in a couple of weeks to see Mo's daughter and grandkids for a week, so it will just be me and Martin for a week.  Not a total vacation, but it will be quiet around here!!

Tonight for supper was pork chops for Mo and I (marinated them in garlic, onion, and vinegar) and rib eye steak for Tree (marinated the same way) and hotdogs for Martin.  With macaroni and cheese for Tree and Martin, and macaroni (low sodium) for Mo.  And brussel sprouts.

Last night Mo and Tree went on a date last night, went and saw that Ted movie, and went out to eat.  So I called out to a place called The Patio here for Martin and I.  Got him a polish sausage with fries, and got myself a half bbq chicken and rib tips meal.  HUGE meal, and Im still nibbling on it.  Ten bucks and it last me three days, yeah, I can handle that!!

Sorry I havent kept up so well with this, I will work on it more.  Especially now with Mo having to be diabetic and low sodium, so I will be sharing menu's and recipes that I am trying out.

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