02 April 2014

the New Quarter

A new month, and of course I did not keep up on this like I said I would.  But, things happened, we lost internet for awhile, and then my laptop crashed, so of course, every time I tried to do anything, I got slammed back five steps.
Anyway, a new month, and a new quarter of classes.  I passed all of my other classes, all A- woohoo!
Now I am taking composition (oh, and my teacher wants us to write in a journal every day, so, I have to work on this daily!), medical law and ethics, and anatomy and physiology.  I am going to love this quarter.
Technically classes began Monday, and I was able to start reading on my medical law and ethics book.  I have 30 questions that need to done for that class.  Then a quiz for that class.
I have my first anatomy and physiology class tomorrow,  I have already read the first chapter, done the key terms, and worked on some of the end of chapter questions.  I will need to work on that some more the next couple of days.
I have also joined up with a chat group that is a bunch of writers.  We talk about ideas, what we are writing, formatting, spelling, grammar and so forth.  We also discuss authors, and other things, so between school, the job (oh yeah, I got a job!), and homework, Im busy, and some days, I don't know where to turn!  Wake me when I am dead, lol.

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AltVeg said...

WHOO! Job get! Yay! Also, glad to see you're hanging out with writers. I guess this means you'll be writing more?