23 April 2014

Classes, and can I really do this?

Okay, I have failed at keeping up with this blog, again!
This month has been busy, working, and going to school, and yes, even flunking a test.  And that was in my best subject, anatomy! So, this just means I need to work harder.  The test was on cells, and I have a feeling, cells are going to be my down fall.  Give me bones, muscles, diseases, Im all good, cells, forget it.
This week, its the organ system.  I am good on this one, I can nearly name them all without cheating!
Integumentary system---the skin, hair, nails, etc
Muscular system--of course, the muscles, but what goes where, hmmm?  But there are only three types, the voluntary, which is basically the muscles attached to the bones to help us manuever around.  Then there are the involuntary ones, which are the cardiac muscles, and the smooth muscles, which ummm, well, those help us go  to the bathroom!
Skeletal system, these are the bones and joints, and they hold us upright, and allow us do to what we need to do.
Nervous system, this is the brain and spinal cord.....honey, without this one, I would'nt remember my head if it were attached.
Endocrine system, which is my favorite one, and I will go into that a little bit lower in the blog.  This one involves nearly all the glands, everything from the head to the pelvic region.  Its what keeps our body in proper from, makes us male or female, helps with growth, reproduction, etc.
Cardiovascular system, this of course is the heart and the blood vessels surrounding it.  This one is another favorite, but thats because I have gotten so involved with taking care of people who have heart problems, so I have gotten to know the subject pretty well.

Lymphatic system, this one I have trouble with, I am still trying to understand what goes where, why it works, why we need it, etc.
Respiratory system, this is the breathing aparatus!  Nose, pharynx, larynx, trachea, bronchi and lungs.  Last night, I was playing on a game on my iPod that I had downloaded, and one of the questions was what is the route of the respiratory system....mouth/nose, pharynx, larynx, trachea, bronchi and lungs, and I got it right, woohoo!
Digestive system, everyones favorite, FOOD!!  And of course, we all know how much I like to cook, and talking about food.  Of course, this alos involves the netherregions too, but um, we won't go there.
Urinary system--I  use to have a resident, he was bed bound, and he would lay in bed calling out "gotta pee, gotta pee, gotta pee" after a minute or two he would call out "too late, too late, too late".  I always think of him when I am dealing with urinary situations, lol.
Reproduction-my other favorite, but that's because it is involved in the endocrine system so much.

Okay, why is the endocrine system my favorite?  I have an illness by the name of Polycsystic Ovarian Syndrome.  I call it the sister illness to endometriosis, but it really isn't.  It has its own symptoms, own side effects, and health problems.  But they are similar in that they can render a woman infertile, cause problems with periods, cause cancer, etc.  Anyway, for my composition class, my instructor wants us to write a 3-5 page research paper.  I am going to do mine on the psychological effects of PCOS.  Basically, doctors and others focus more on the infertility, diabetes, cancer, skin tags, excessive hair, excessive periods, or whatever else is going on, but they rarely if ever focus on the mental anguish this illness can cause a woman!  Think about it, you are a 14 year old girl, and you have hair on your chin, and around your face, you might have your period for 3 months straight, or you might not get it at all, and you are gaining weight.  Life as a teenager is difficult as it is, but when people start hasseling you about losing weight, and wow, why are you so hairy, oh, and wait, you haven't gotten your period yet?  And then you get married, and want to have kids, and welp, this isn't happening.  You begin to feel like you are not a real woman.  Your body is betraying you, and not doing what it should do "normally".  No one else has these problems, why do you?  This can mess with a girls mind so much, causing depression, bipolar, anxiety, and eating disorders.  We need to focus more on what this is doing to our minds, not just our bodies!
Anyway, that's what I am going to do my research paper on.  I know I will have too many emotions involved in it, and I will try and curtail that, but I want people to understand, our minds can help heal or hinder us, just as much as a medicine or treatment can.

Medical Law and Ethics, like one of my classmates says, it is mainly common sense.  There is a lot to learn, and some of it, I am not really all that interested in, like the politics, or what the congress passes, or what the House of Reps does.  But it is all part of it, so I will keep steaming along.  I am getting a 96% in the class, so I guess that is pretty good, right?
I will be needing to d a persuasive paper for that class later in the quarter, unless the teacher gives us a certain topic, I am going to do mine on bloodless surgeries.

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