20 February 2017

A New Beginning

Yes, I know it has been a long time since I have posted on here (shame on me!)  A lot of changes have happened in my life, and now I will catch you up on them.
I am now living in a west coast state, just two hours from the ocean.  I live with my sister and her husband, making their life just horribly miserable, LOL.
During the week, I am a live-in Resident Manager of an Adult Foster Home my sister and I own.  If you do not know what that is, well let me explain.  We own an actual home, it has 7 bedrooms, large living room, kitchen, with one main bathroom (and a private bathroom in the caregiver's room). The Bohemian Sisters is not the name of our home, it is one we had thought of, but it did not work out well for us. There are 5 elderly residents allowed (by state law).  It is kind of like a nursing home, but we only have 5 people, and only (typically) one person on premises.  I do all of the cooking, cleaning, laundry, bathing, etc.
We also do activities, laughing, and just keeping each other company.  I do all of their meds, doctors appointments, whatever else they need healthwise.  I work from Monday evening 7 pm to Friday evening 7 pm.  Then a relief person comes in, she is here from Friday to Monday.  I truly enjoy this, as I feel it is my calling.
I want this blog to mainly be about some of our activities, and meal ideas, what has worked, what has failed etc.
Although, because of HIPAA Laws I am not allowed to share their real names, I will be giving them fake names so you can at least get familiar with them.
I have three Ella's.  Ella May (that is her full name, and we all call her Ella May), then there is Ella with no middle name.  Then there is Ella Jean, we all call her Jeanie.  Then the other two, Lela, and Frannie.
Frannie is deaf, she became deaf at a young age, I would say about 3-5.  She screams a lot and basically gives me a run for my money.  Ella (no middle name) is a hummer.  She hums quite often, keeping herself occupied.  Lela is bed bound, so we have a second person come in from 8 am to 4 pm, helping with her bed care, and meals.  Ella May, she is quite independent, she has a small chihuahua that she allows to follow her everywhere, his name is Cubby.  Jeanie, she has dementia pretty bad.  She is unable to remember too much, she knows her daughter when she sees her, knows the names of all of her children, and she remembers the name of her late husband (although cannot remember that her husband and oldest daughter have died).
Those are my girls, so I will now go into my two favorite subjects.  One of the main things I do here is doing the menu/grocery list/cooking.  My sister does the shopping so that I can have one thing, not on my list of things to do, lol.
I am always on the search for new things to make, it gets tiring to make the same things, over and over again!
Ella May loves homemade food, especially if I am making it.  Spaghetti, lasagna, meatloaf, taco salad, roasted/baked chicken, fried chicken, a roast, etc.
Jeanie loves casseroles and things like that.
Ella truly enjoys veggies.  She would only eat veggies if she could get away with it.
Frannie's favorite foods are Liver, onions, hamburgers, fried chicken, soup. and bologna.  Oh and she loves buttermilk, and we hear about it, at the top of her lungs, lol.
Lela is my quiet one, she stays to herself, not coming out of her room much (she is able to get into a wheelchair, but even when she does, she would prefer to not be around people).  There pretty much isn't any food that Lela doesn't like.  She does enjoy dessert.

Okay, for next weeks menu, here are my ideas:
Tuesday breakfast: Biscuits and gravy lunch: Beefy noodles, with Brussels sprouts, bread, and lemon zucchini cupcakes, dinner: egg salad sandwich, carrot and celery strips, and fruit.
We try to have smaller dinners, as the larger meals are harder to digest in the evenings.
Wednesday: breakfast: Oatmeal, Danish, Fruit Lunch: Ranch Chicken Casserole and salad with cake or pudding.  Dinner: Burgers and fries
Thursday: Breakfast: Egg scramble (I start eggs in the scramble process, before adding to pan/stove I add in chopped ham, onions, bell peppers and cheese) toast and fruit.  Lunch: Meatball sub soup, cheesy bread, and some sort of veggie (or I might just throw veggies into the soup) and root beer floats.  Dinner: Baked Stuffers (baked potatoes stuffed with whatever we feel like).
Friday: Breakfast: Cereal, toast, fruit.  Lunch: Ham Steak, Corn Casserole, Mashed potatoes and cauliflower, and pudding. Dinner: some sort of soup and sandwich.

I am going to try and keep up on this, and will be adding meal ideas, and activity ideas!!

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